CBB is your source in North America for custom laser etched billet push button for your Car, Boat, Offroad Rig, Sled, Racing Simulator, CNC machine or just about anything that you can control with a push button. We customize the button to your liking and have a lot of pre-etched model available with several added every week. With their IP67 rating and 12V operating voltage, they can be used in a wide range of application! Not only do we have the lowest price on custom buttons, we also have the fastest processing time!

Available in 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm and 30mm with the choice of Stainless Steel bright finish or Black Anodized Aluminum, and a choice of 5 color LED Ring. Available either in Momentary or Latching button operation. Mounting panel in carbon fiber or aluminum, pilot light and car related dash pilot light are also available.

Housed in the DeeWorks shop, Custom Billet Buttons (CBB) is driven by car nuts and their passion for custom stuff. After a few years of CNC machining services making all kind of custom part for the aftermarket automotive industry, we can cleary see the growing demand for customized item. We use a lot of switch and buttons in our setup and there is always something we don’t like, so we have sourced quality push buttons that we customize here on our 30w Fiber Laser. Attention to details is what always set DeeWorks apart and CBB is no exception. In fact these custom laser etched billet buttons are so awesome they deserved their own webstore separate from the other DeeWorks product! Shipping is no secret for us and our high volume allow CBB to offer a Flat Rate shipping in all of North America! We want your experience with us to be unique, from the moment you shop to the moment you receive your order.

We do all of our anodizing in-house and outsource as little as we can. We will also offer custom laser cut mounting panel pretty soon as an additional services. Cut out of 1/8″ thick black opaque acrylic, we can accomodate your need for a unique panel cut to your dimension.

We grew around car. We build them and race them. We love CNC machine and anything that has an engine; in fact there’s not much we don’t like! So don’t forget to submit your project in the Sponsor section to get a chance to win the CBB Sponsor Pack and get your project featured on our page!

We are located in Shebrooke, Quebec, and welcome anyone for a shop tour and for order pickup.