CBB is your source in North America for custom laser etched billet push button for your Car, Boat, Offroad Rig, Sled, Racing Simulator, CNC machine or just about anything that you can control with a push button. We customize the button to your liking and have a lot of pre-etched model available. With their IP67 rating and 12V operating voltage, they can be used in a wide range of application!

Available in 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm and 30mm with the choice of Stainless Steel bright finish or Black Anodized Aluminum, and a choice of 5 color LED Ring. Available either in Momentary or Latching button operation. Mounting panel in carbon fiber or aluminum, pilot light and car related dash pilot light are also available. Here’s a few example of what we have to offer;

22mm Billet Buttons

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19mm Billet Buttons

19mm Billet Buttons

19mm Blank Billet Buttons

12.50$ USD
21.00$ USD
35.00$ USD

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IP67 Rating





16mm Billet Buttons

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25mm Billet Buttons

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30mm Billet Buttons

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Laser Etched LED Pilot Light

7.50$ USD

16mm Etched Pilot Light

16mm SHIFT LIGHT LED Pilot Light 12V

12.50$ USD
12.50$ USD

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14mm Symbol LED Light

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Mounting Panel

6.00$9.00$ USD
8.00$12.00$ USD
10.00$15.00$ USD

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Miscellaneous Parts

Misc Install Parts

Fused Automotive Relay

8.00$ USD
3.00$ USD

Misc Install Parts

Pigtails Connector

2.50$3.50$ USD

Misc Install Parts

Replacement Micro Switch

2.50$3.00$ USD

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