You got a race car build going on? A project on jackstand that hasn’t rolled on it’s own power since a few years?

It’s all fine to us!¬†Every 3 months (March, June, September, December) we will choose a random project from the subscription we’ll receive and send out a Custom Billet Buttons Sponsor Promo Pack! If popular enough we will also feature the winner’s project on our Facebook page.

Here’s what’s inside the Sponsor Promo-Pack:

  • 4 custom Laser Etched Buttons of your choice (16mm to 25mm)
  • Matching Mounting Panel if Available
  • Custom Billet Buttons T-Shirt
  • Custom Billet Buttons Decals

How to get in? Simply fill out the form below with a description of your project and your goal with it. Upload 1 or 2 picture in case you get selected and featured (and because we are curious!) with a maximum of 4 MB per file. We would also ask you to like and share the Custom Billet Buttons Facebook page. While liking and sharing our page is not obligatory to get in the draw, it helps us a lot to get known which in the end allow us to offer cool giveaway like these sponsor promo-pack.